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Latest Version GitHub Desktop for Mac (Version 3.0.4)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Yosemite or Later
Author / Product GitHub Inc

GitHub Desktop for Mac is one of the largest online storehouses in the world for collaborative works. With this platform, you can work together with colleagues from around the world to plan projects. GitHub has 2 main principles, which are Git and Version Control. In this article, we will tell you more about this platform.

What is GitHub?

GitHub Desktop download for Mac is a cloud-based website and service for developers to store and manage codes as well as documents and control changes. It is a platform specially for developers that is inspired by the way programmers work. From open source to business, you can host and review codes, manage projects, and build software with more than 56 million users worldwide.

GitHub for Mac
GitHub for Mac

In a nutshell, GitHub is a project management, code versioning system, as well as a social networking platform for developers across the globe. It provides so many functions that developers can use. With this platform, it will be a lot easier for developers to develop their projects. GitHub also provides a cloud service for storing and managing git projects or repositories.

Since it is online, you edit a repository or project simultaneously with other people in different places. Therefore, this platform really helps the project team in compiling folders containing files related to programming.

What is Git?

You need to know that GitHub Desktop free download has a parent version, which is Git. Git itself is a VCS or Version Controlled System software that is performed outline. Git is a distributed version control system, meaning all codebase and code history will be available on every developer’s computer for easy branching and merging. Git was developed by Linus Torvalds back in 2005. It is the core or the heart of GitHub.

If Git is the heart of GitHub, Hub is the soul. The platform’s hub system serves to turn the command line, like Git, into the largest social media networks for developers. Besides contributing to certain projects, GitHub also allows users to communicate with people who share a common vision and mission. You can even follow them and see the projects that they are working on or even find out who they are connected to.

Though GitHub plays an important role for developers’ projects and works, this platform does not only focus on developers. Everyone can use GitHub Desktop for Mac to manage their projects or work together with their colleagues.|