Intego Internet Security for Mac

Intego Internet Security for Mac

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Latest Version Intego Internet Security for Mac (Version X9 10.9.31)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Lion or Later
Author / Product Intego

Intego Internet Security (2021) for Mac Download Latest Version | You need to keep in mind that just because you use mac you are not subjected to network attacks and malware. They still can attack your mac in any way possible. Therefore, you need to have Intego: Internet security for Mac to protect it against any possible attack from malware and viruses.

By using this tool your mac will be much safer because it provides you with real-time antivirus protection for macs, and it will also scan your files whenever you want to access them. Moreover, this software will automatically check for the newest updates to ensure that your mac is always protected.

There are a lot of myths that say “Mac can’t get viruses”, but you are not allowed to believe that. The fact is every device is vulnerable and prone to virus attack. Therefore, you need to always protect your personal information and files at all costs. One thing that can help you to protect them is Intego antivirus software for your Mac.


Features and Highlights

If you install this antivirus software you will get a lot of advantages. Below are the features and highlights of the software.

Antivirus protection against both Mac and PC Malware

Intego antivirus software is equipped with Virus Barrier that can protect you from existing Mac threats as well as it can detect PC based malware. It will help you to prevent spreading infected files to friends, family, or even coworkers.

They know Macs whereas their competitors don’t

They have already built virus protection for MacOs and Mac Os X since 1997. They also won a lot of awards for best anti viruses for Mac. They get highly trusted antivirus software that is great for protecting, cleaning as well as organizing your Mac.

Not only protecting Mac, but also protecting PC

They believe that there are a lot of people who are using Windows as well as Mac for their daily purposes. Therefore, they make sure that both of them have complete antivirus software. They partner up with Panda to provide antivirus software for Windows.

Keep it simple with new interface

They prefer software that is full of simplicity. They make software that is compatible with how Mac is designed. They make software that is effective, straightforward and unobtrusive.

Antivirus for protecting iPad and iPhone

Interestingly, Intego VirusBarrier is able to scan and detect malicious files received via email on your iOS. It prevents your iPad and iPhone touch from distributing malware to other computers.

Here are some screenshots and Features of Mac Internet Security X9 #01

Intego Internet Security for Mac Screenshots and Features #1Intego Internet Security for Mac Screenshots and Features #3Intego Internet Security for Mac

One more thing, you can also get 30 days free with the trial version. Don’t forget to install it to your Mac, so you can provide full protection for your Mac.