Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Latest Version Parallels Desktop for Mac (Version 17)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Sierra or Later
Author / Product Parallels Holdings Ltd

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a way you can do to run apps designated for Windows on macOS. Also, this would be a simple thing to do for beginners. We have tested this app and make some comparisons.

According to our tests, this app integrates the system of Mac and guest at the same time. You can use this app on other OSes as well. Parallels Desktop costs less than USD 80.

We can say that this app is one of the fastest apps on the market that helps you to run Windows apps on macOS. Some other options are available to choose but Parallels Desktop is one of the best ones for virtualization software.


Parallels Desktop for Mac

Features and Highlights

This app is seamless since you can run Windows side-by-side with your current operating system. It’s not difficult to set up this app. Parallels Desktop can detect what you need automatically.

Tons of things can be done easily by using this app. More than anything. Parallels Desktop is an essential app to won by Mac users.

Things you would like about Parallels Desktop for Mac

There are several good things provided by this app. You can work with Windows apps easily and seamlessly by using your Mac devices. No need to restart your device once you’ve launched Parallels Desktop.

We all agree that working with Mac is a great experience. However, some apps might not be designed for this OS so you will need Parallel Desktop. You can try its 14-days free trial by accessing Parallels Desktop download for Mac.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Several competitors might come up but this app always stays on top. Battery savings are its forte compared to the rivals. You can create as many virtual apps as you like. All subscriptions and licenses can be managed through its website.

Things you would consider from Parallels Desktop for Mac

Even though this app has improved its battery saving, it will consume so much power when you use any virtual machine. You can fix it by using Boot Camp though.

The app will install a lot of tools and shortcuts both for your Mac and Windows. It allows you to enjoy a seamless integration but it could be intrusive.

When you install Parallels Desktop on your macOS, you still need to buy Windows apps separately since Parallels doesn’t offer that kind of option. Still, it’s not a factor that prevents you from using Parallels Desktop for Mac.