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LogMeIn Hamachi
- 7.9 MB - Demo
LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac enables you to connect the two computers using the internet. It is simply by creating a personal P2P network. So,...
- 5 MB - Demo
Every user of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch will need iTools for Mac. Instead of an app that must be downloaded, it is more...
Adobe Photoshop CS4
- 0.98 GB -
In October 2008, Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac and Windows became available. It is an annual release for the software that Adobe brings new...
The Unarchiver
- 15.3 MB - Open Source
The Unarchiver for Mac, why do you need to have this? Archiving files, whether they are in the form of documents, images, and even...
GTA San Andreas
- 4.5 MB -
This article will introduce you to GTA: San Andreas for Mac. GTA or Grand Theft Auto: San Andres is the third series. It is...
- 2.8 MB - Freeware
Sometimes you need to decompress files, whether they are image files, document files, or others. In order to do so, you need particular software...
RAR Expander
- 395.54 KB - Open Source
The RAR Expander for Mac (Fast Ways) enables you to round off your Mac features. You can download a free RAR Expander for Mac...
Mac Notepad
- 6.31 MB - Trial
Mac Notepad for Mac, is it worth downloading? For you the users of MacBook, it is not wrong to download all tools provided by...
Parallels Desktop for Mac
- 204.64 MB - Trial
Parallels Desktop for Mac is a way you can do to run apps designated for Windows on macOS. Also, this would be a simple...
- 727.50 KB - Freeware
Is it important to download and install UnRarX for Mac? Achieving files is a common thing after creating and collecting documents and more. This...