MAME for Windows
MAME for Windows

MAME for Windows

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Latest Version MAME for Windows (Version 0.226)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product MAME Team

MAME is a great free emulator that lets you play thousands of games for PC, this tool you can use as an emulator for Older video games like Super Mario, Metal Slug, Sonic etc.

The main purpose of MAME is to be a reference for the inner workings of the emulated machine. This was done for educational purposes and for preservation purposes, to prevent historical software from disappearing forever after the hardware it was running on stopped working.

MAME for PC Windows doesn’t give games they do not have legal access to most of them, as well as the developers are extra worried about supplying the ways. But if you search the Web, you’ll find websites committed to providing MAME ROM files, in addition to ROM files for other emulators.


MAME for Windows

When you find the ROM files, they’ll most likely be ZIP archives. Don’t unzip them, simply save them in the MAME \ ROMS directory. MAME can check out the archives, as well as it’s a wonderful means to hide what can be a confusing range of files (some games made use of several chips), and also keep things neatly arranged.

What’s New?

A project as big as MAME certainly has had its ups and downs during the course of its existence. A comprehensive list of what has changed in the project from a source code point of view is available in the various whatsnew.txt files that can be found on the page

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