Genymotion for Mac

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Free Download ( 60.77 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Genymotion for Mac (Version 3.2.0)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Mavericks or Later
Author / Product Genymobile

For you who are using Mac, the Genymotion for Mac is available to get. It is 100% compliant with Android APIs. They have the same rules which can be implemented on Mac.

It is essential to know that you can use an emulator on your Mac. As we all know that an emulator can show the slow in booting up and also the subsequent that runs of the app you use. It works better than the default emulator.

Genymotion Emulator

This Genymotion emulator runs by using the x86 architecture virtualization. It helps your app to run more efficiently. Your Mac will need this Genymotion to keep your app running smoothly all the time.


It will be your perfect emulator to test all of the apps you use and also to build the test. You can do plenty of things with this tool such as checking the network quality, checking the battery charge level, and vary your GPS location. You can do all of that without leaving your desk.

genymotion for mac

You can stimulate your text and phone calls to test and see how the app will react to those simulations. Those features are only a few of so many features that you can get from Genymotion Free Download.

Sources to Use Genymotion

To use this Genymotion, you can use so many features that you have on your device. You can use the plugins or testing tools. It is compatible with Mac just like it fits Android SDK tools. You can test your apps by using the various charge levels so that you can check out how the app can handle the cases.

Use your GPS widget to develop and test the geolocation-based apps easily. It will give you such a great result. It is possible to test your website on various browsers such as Firefox and others.

Intuitive Android System Emulator

Genymotion for Mac can help you to test and analyze new programs or applications. It is possible to mimic a host of different phones and tablets. Thus, it is a very flexible bundle that can be very useful for your app and website test.

To get this system to work properly at your convenience, you need an abundance of memory, at least 82.42 megabytes. You will need to install the VirtualBox engine first before you can run this app. It might not emulate the brand-new tablets or smartphones.