Kingston SSD Manager
Kingston SSD Manager

Kingston SSD Manager for Windows

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Latest Version Kingston SSD Manager for Windows (Version
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 8 32 or Later
Author / Product Kingston

Kingston SSD Manager for Windows is an important application that all windows users must have if they use Kingston SSD. With this application, users can manage and monitor many issues relating to their Kingston.

Benefits of Kingston SSD Manager

There are several benefits that all Windows users can get after downloading this Kingston SSD Manager. Besides monitoring the drive status and health, the users also can check the disk usage easily. It helps many people to know how much space is left on their disks.
Another benefit that Windows users can get is complete drive identification in one place. The users will get all the information they need simply and quickly. In addition, when the users erase their data, it is secure.

Kingston SSD Manager for Windows
Kingston SSD Manager for Windows

The next benefit after the users get Kingston SSD Manager download for Windows are the regular update drive firmware, overprovision with HPA, and many more.

Kingston SSD Manager System Requirement

Before deciding to use the application, all users should know and understand what system requirements they must have.

  • Kingston SSD
    Since it is the application manager for Kingston SSD, it is a must that all the users have Kingston SSD in their Windows. The users allow using one or more SSDs depending on their needs.
  • Enable AHCI mode in BIOS
    To use Kingston SSD Manager, the users must enable their AHCI mode in BIOS. Many users can find simple ways to enable it on the internet.
  • Windows administrator
    Because the application is for Windows, the users should be Windows users.

Installation Process of Kingston SSD Manager

Follow several simple steps below to install the application of Kingston SSD Manager.

  1. Click the download link to start downloading the application.
    Making sure that the download link is safe. Besides, it must be the latest version to get the best benefits and features. Wait for the downloading process until it is done.
  2. Find the file to extract the contents
    After the downloading process, the users should find the file and start to extract the contents. Locate the file to a certain folder to save the extraction file.
  3. Run the Kingston SSD Manager Setup
    Click the Kingston SSD Manage setup and click run to install the application.
  4. Follow the process
    Follow the steps well until the application is installed well. It may take time to get the process done.
  5. Reboot the Windows
    To complete the steps, all users must reboot their Windows after getting their Kingston SSD Manager free download.