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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product David Carpenter

Everything for Windows is a kind of search software that enables users to search for folders and files in local storage devices. This software is launched by Windows, and by using its system, you can search the files. It may not do other things, but its effectiveness, stability, and efficiency are more than that.

How We Use It

Everything is regarded as the most useful app that users can use on their PCs. It features a built-in search function in your desktop computer which enables them to search files and folders in their local storage. It also gives you a detailed list by checking for subsections. Their interface is easy, and it has simple and functional parts, the results page, and the search function.


Everything for Windows

After the installation of the Everything download for Windows, the software will directly create an index of all folders and files of the computer. This provides you with easy searching. What you need to input is the keywords of the files and folders you are looking for. Type it and wait until it shows you the completed process.

You have to remember that this app cannot search for full text, instead, it focuses on the search phrases and keywords you have to look for through the hard disk. The results of searching will be then displayed on its results page which has seven information categories like Last Access Time, Attributes, Last Write Times, Path, Creation Time, Size, and Name.

For more accuracy, users can sort from the displayed result, and sorting it will not take much time. Yet, it gets slower when the results are more than 1,000. File sharing with several servers are available. While remote search features can be conducted with minimal resources. Unfortunately, you cannot use it to search using your emails.

More Features

Besides searching through your local storage, Everything gives you a feature that can add attributes like access date, file creation, file size, and file attributes in the indexes. By having this, you will have a faster searching process.

This tool will remember all of your research keywords. One also can try their multi-file renaming features, which allow them to change the name of several files with ease. Using this feature, it lets you change file names, extensions, and even replace text inside the files.

Everything Search Engine, is then, can replace what Windows previously offered, the Windows Search function. For those who have disorganized files and folders, Everything is a big help. Go download Everything for Windows setup.

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