Avro Keyboard
Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard for Windows

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Latest Version Avro Keyboard for Windows (Version 5.6.0)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product OmicronLab

Several numbers of people try to find out how to type on keyboard on the Bengali language. Therefore, developers of application launch Avro Keyboard for Windows to support people who need to type in Bangla can be facilitated.

It eases you who are more accustomed in Roman letters, to type in Bangla letters and characters whenever you need. This app provides services to communicate with/ or in Avro since its first release in March 2003 in Bangladesh.

Avro Keyboard for Windows
Avro Keyboard for Windows

The creation of this app actually gives a big opportunity for Bengali speakers to express themselves in any kinds of Internet supported media. Here are some FAQs related to Avro keyboard.


Is Avro Keyboard app safe enough?

Don’t worry, Dude! Avro Keyboard free download is completely free and safe app. However, you need to be really careful if you want to install it on your personal computer. You have to make sure that you install the original version of Avro keyboard app.

It might be a catastrophe if you carelessly just get it from open-source application because it potentially contains some malware. However, you do not need to think too much about finding such spyware in this app because it doesn’t have in-app ads.

Does Avro Keyboard have ANSI and Unicode?

Yes, it does. Avro Keyboard is completed with ANSI and Unicode mode. So, whenever you need to switch the outputs, you just simply click the icons for setting on the top menu bar. You need to know that ANSI is actually effective for certain apps, but Unicode mode is applicable for more different circumstances.

Will it be possible to change the layout of my Avro Keyboard app?

This app allows you to access the menu to change the keyboard from English to Bangla and vice versa. Just press the interactive button provided, and you can see that the characters will automatically changes. Moreover, the current language use notification will be shown on the toolbar.

You can also use fast button by pressing F1 to F12 quickly in order to shift between the keyboards. In addition, when you press CTRL and the spacebar keys, the mode of the keyboard will change. This app, furthermore, tracks the Bangla and the default mode of your keyboard mode.

Here is news for Avro Keyboard download here. As it is an open-source app, developers can freely optimize features in the apps. Therefore, it is possibly updated in terms of new keyboards or other extensions.|