Andy for Windows
Andy for Windows

Andy for Windows

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Free Download ( 854 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Andy for Windows (Version 47.260.1096)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 64 or Later
Author / Product ANDYOS INC

Do you want to use Android applications on your PC? Then you have to prepare a special software called an emulator. This Android emulator is a software that allows users to run Android applications on a PC, laptop, or MAC, for example, playing Android games on PC.

The advantage is that users can enjoy games on Android from a bigger screen. With the Android emulator, you can also make phone calls, video calls, text messages, and so on. The Android emulator can also be used for developers who want to create an Android application.

There are many choices of Android emulators that can be used. Andy for Windows is one of the best Android emulator software that you can install on your MAC or PC. Andy Android Emulator has a very attractive appearance because the display is similar to the one you have on Android.


Andy for Windows

Andy Android Emulator

Andy Emulator will make users get unlimited storage. Andy for Windows will also give users the freedom to play all popular Android games on the desktop. By integrating PC and Android, you can use Android as a game controller and PC as a game display.

Apart from that, you can also connect Android with Windows or MAC to open applications, push notifications, and also for storage. You can enjoy these features by downloading the Andy for Windows application first and installing the application on your device.

Andy is the most popular emulator compared to other software, because it has more features, smaller size, fast installation process, and integrates well on PC and Android.

Users do not need special settings because this software will automatically adjust the settings on the computer.

Andy for Windows

Andy Download for Windows

To run Andy, you must prepare a PC with at least 3GB RAM and a processor that supports virtualization, for example on AMD with AMD-VT code or Intel with Intel VT-X code.

If your processor doesn’t support this use, then you won’t be able to use Andy Download for Windows. Andy also only supports Windows 7 or Windows 8 users only.

Low specification computers are not recommended to install this software.

Andy for Windows will be updated with the OS you are using, so you can use Andy’s existing features, whether playing games or other applications installed on your Android on PC. When using Andy for Windows, make sure your computer is connected to the internet as there will usually be updated from time to time.