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Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator for Windows

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Latest Version Yandere Simulator for Windows (Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Yandere Dev

Yandere Simulator for Windows is an innovative action video game developed by an indie developer studio of YandereDev California. It is available online to be a free demo in Unity engine showing the basic concept in this title, release date, and complete game version. It represents a unique combination of social game, killing elements from the Hitman franchise, school simulation, and dark humour dosage.

Playing with Yandere Simulator for Windows

The story of Yandere Simulator more focuses on the senior high school life of Ayano Aishi. She has the calling name of Yandere-chan. She is a young girl crushing to her class mater, Taro Yamada. She is not stealing his attention with a normal dating technique. Her unstable dark characters focus on removing all competition forms around it. By taking an elimination process, Yandere-chan tends to kill a classmate directly in some ways of murder. Those ways are hurting, destroying, poisoning, killing, and debating.

The Purpose of Yandere Simulator for Windows

The purpose of the Yandere Simulator download for Windows is to be an undetected figure for ten weeks while expressing a dark tendency for removal of all challenge possibilities between you and your lovable person. Yandere must stay undetected when she does any criminal activities. If she makes mistakes, this game will give a reputation punishment pushing the other characters of the game to realize the lies, reducing the formality level, and a normal condition.


The game screen of this cruel game is to describe her crush seeing one of her criminal activities. With a simulation element like a school situation, Yandere-chan successfully kills another student, all social structures, and changing gameplay choices. She makes any efforts to steal Ayano Aishi’s attention. The crushing way is so unique and different to attract her crush attention. She is not normal but it is the uniqueness of this gameplay.

A demo version of Yandere Simulator offers a base story mode in a balancing process and adding content. The complete version of this game is finally showing some extra modes like the 1980s modes. It is showing Ayano’s parents, custom mode, final mode, mission mode, and pose mode. The story elements and gameplay of Yandere is so unique and got some online critics. You can download it on your computer. You must be aware of Yandere Simulator free download to avoid graphic representation, school violence, and teens nought, cruelty, and sexual content.|