Vivaldi for Windows

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Latest Version Vivaldi for Windows (Version 3.6.2165.36)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Vivaldi Technologies

Do you know about Vivaldi for windows? Well, from the Opera creators, a great browser of Vivaldi is very fast. Besides that, it is also a perfectly rich browser in functionality, high in flexibility, and also puts all users first. This Vivaldi is specially made for all users. Then, you will be able to surf the ways of yours.

By using this browser, you can customize everything well such as gestures of a mouse, shortcuts of a keyboard, and others. If you are categorized as a keyboard man/woman, you are so lucky to find this browser.

Vivaldi for Windows


Quick commands of this browser let you easily search through tabs of open, history, bookmark, settings, and the others by using one single shortcut of a keyboard. This app has the purpose to make a menu of quick commands which is very customizable that ease you make the commands of yours and instantly run them.

Well, for the detail, let’s see the explanation below about the features or strengths!

Stacking Tab

As explained earlier, Tab Stacking is one of the advantages of the Vivaldi browser. When you open multiple tabs in the browser, you will usually find it difficult to find the previous tab. Now, by using this Vivaldi browser, you can easily find these tabs.

Tab Stacking allows you to create tab folders (like the application folder on your smartphone’s home screen). Just by dragging one tab on top of the other, you get a stack of tabs. You can also group tabs, for example, social media tabs, technology tabs, and so on.

Mouse Movement

Gestures of a mouse will make the navigation easy and then, the Vivaldi browser for Windows will integrate them as the standard features. Using this feature, you will be able to use the gestures of a mouse to open new tabs, close tabs, return to pages, and the others. For configuring these great things, open the Settings of Vivaldi and navigate to the Settings of Mouse.

Then, you can check the choice which says Allow Movement. You’ll see a list of gestures that are available under the Mapping of Gesture. These mappings of gesture are exactly hardcoded. They also cannot be well customized, but they are greatly designed in a great way that is very easy to use and remember.


The Vivaldi web browser has a unique Note feature where you can make a note while you are surfing the Internet. You can use this Note in Vivaldi’s sidebar browser. To start creating Notes, simply click on the Note icon then start typing Note. Apart from that, you can save this Note in a folder, and you can easily add screenshots and other attachments with the icons at the bottom.

Browsing Side-by-Side

The fifth advantage of the Vivaldi browser is the Browsing Side-by-Side feature. When using Microsoft Excel, you can arrange files to appear side by side. Likewise with the Side-by-Side Browsing feature. You can set how many columns appear in the Vivaldi browser and can browse simultaneously.

Those are some great features that you can get from the Vivaldi free download. So, download it now!|

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