Shotcut for Windows

Shotcut for Windows

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Latest Version Shotcut for Windows (Version 20.10.31)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Meltytech LLC

Shotcut for Windows is open-source licensed software and is a cross-platform application for Windows operating systems. Apart from Windows, this software also prepares for other operating system platforms such as Linux. On each platform, Shortcut can produce videos with a quality that is not much different.

How to Get Shotcut Free Download

Shotcut Video Editor is an open-source video editing application that can be used completely for free on Windows PCs. Many people choose this software for editing videos because this application can be used for free for users of the Windows operating system.

Currently, you can get Shotcut Free Download on the official Shortcut website. Windows users are very pirated with this free software. Even though this software is free, you can get a variety of interesting features that can support your video editing activities.


Shotcut for Windows

Interesting Features of Shortcut for Windows

This application supports a variety of popular audio and video formats because it uses the FFmpeg library. Apart from that, Shotcut also supports a variety of popular image formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and so on.

Besides, audio is a crucial part of a video. By using this application you can edit the audio as you wish, including adding audio filters such as Bass & Treble, Low Pass, High Pass and, so on.

This Shotcut for Windows software also provides various video effects. To make videos look more attractive, you can also add video filters through this application, from Glitch, Vignette, Gradient, Blur effects, and so on. Users can also adjust the video speed according to their wishes, with this feature you can make slow-motion and fast-motion videos.

If you are familiar with using video editing applications, you will have no trouble when using this application. The reason is, Shotcut is packed with a simple and easy to use interface, similar to video editing applications in general. You can try it by downloading Shotcut free download.

Shotcut for Windows also provides external viewing and monitoring via the Blackmagic card and is supported by Leap motion hardware to control speed. The many features and services provided by Shotcut make it easy to use with the results we expect.

If you are looking for a free video editing application that is rich in features then Shotcut for Windows is one application that you need to consider. With the appealing features it has, you can easily do video editing to produce impressive videos.

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