Parallel Space for Android
Parallel Space for Android

Parallel Space for Android

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Latest Version Parallel Space for Android (Version 4.0.9067)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Later
Author / Product Parallel Space

Parallel Space for Android is perfect for you who want to run multiple accounts. You may need one account for work and another for personal. It is also suitable for you who require playing games with friends.

Through this application, you can manage two accounts separately at the same time. Of course, it is only possible for any applications installed on your Android.

Unlike YoWhatsapp for Android, Parallel Space is compatible with most apps in Google Play Store. You may use it whether for social media or video games.


It can fit in any popular app such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of the Clans, etc. By installing this, you do need to worry about the limited access to a single account.

Parallel Space APK

Aside from the above advantage, there is also another consideration for you to install it. Parallel Space is more simple for you to use. Its simplicity is more than you might assume.

This app can run multiple accounts by creating a completely independent virtual space. It separates (parallel) other apps on your device and allows you to run them without interrupting the other one.
You can create and continue to login to your apps. Then, it can manage two accounts for each app that you have. You may apply this to your video games app too.

In this way, users can apply a similar app two times on the same device.

One goes on your Android device. Meanwhile, the other one runs in Parallel Space.
You can enjoy its great feature as well, that it consumes little memory to your devices. Parallel Space takes over 2 MB of phone memory.

Moreover, it is available for any Android type. There are no root privileges required for this app. It also supports the safeguard of a user’s privacy.

Yet, it asks your permission several times before you launch it. This thing happens because it makes Parallel Space connected to each app available on your Android.

You can enjoy this app without hesitation. It is the best solution for one who wants to have access to more than one account. Proceed to Parallel Space Free Download now.

The app is more than an interesting app. It enables you to run some accounts at the same time on your device. You can set up passwords or security locks for your Parallel Space.

Experience its best features for your device. It will be useful for social networking as well as gaming.