GitHub APK for Android

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Latest Version GitHub APK for Android (Version 1.65.0)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product GitHub Inc

GitHub APK for Android is the official app of the highly popular collaborative development platform, GitHub. With this app, you will be able to conveniently manage your user account and projects on your Android device. You need a verified GitHub account to be able to use this app. Moreover, you also need to have a compatible browser installed on your Android device. For example, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The GitHub app has a simple interface. You can quickly access all your organizations, repositories, and pull requests directly from your home tab. The other 2 tabs, which are notifications and search, allow you to update yourself with anything new in the repositories that you participate in. This app provides you with the most convenient way to use the development platform on your Android device. It offers the best alternative for regular GitHub users.

GitHub APK for Android
GitHub APK for Android

Features of GitHub App

  1. Clone Repositories in One Click
    When you add a repository to GitHub APK download, it will automatically match it up with any organizations you are participating in.
  2. Powerful, Simple Branching
    Branching is one of GitHub’s best features. It makes it way easier for you to create new local branches, try out remote branches, and publish branches to share with others. Branches are always available in the top left corner of the repository view. Simply choose the current branch to switch branches or create a new one. Moreover, there is a sync button that pushes your changes to the tool and pulls down other’s changes in one operation. It lets you know when you have changes that you have not pushed or there are new changes on the app you have not pulled down.
  3. Easy Collaboration
    The main benefit of GitHub is to make it easier for collaboration in working on a project. With the distributed version control, all developers and team members can access and manage codes in one place. For example, reviewing codes, discussing bug fix, and so on. Also, GitHub provides a project management feature in the form of a Kanban board like Trello.

This feature is definitely useful if you have a lot of projects. Because it will be easier for you to specify work priorities, manage workflows, and see your project progress.


That is about GitHub as well as its features and highlights. This programming app is suitable for both novice and professional users, thanks to its simple interface. Ready to be a pro developer with GitHub APK for Android?