Overwatch for Windows

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Latest Version Overwatch for Windows (Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Overwatch

Overwatch for Windows is a colorful action game that is team-based, starring many powerful heroes. With Overwatch, you can explore the world, build a team, and fight objectives in exciting 6v6 battles.

To enter the game Overwatch for Windows is to choose a hero to play with. Whether the ape carrying the cannon from the moon, the freedom fighters who travel through time, or the battlefield DJ that beats your style, whatever your choice, an Overwatch hero is always available for you. Each of these heroes comes with a unique set of abilities. So, be ready to be surprised.

Overwatch for Windows
Overwatch for Windows

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Overwatch Roles

Overwatch for Windows is among the most downloaded app for game lovers out there. Once you get Overwatch free download Windows, you will be able to know and be a part of the game’s roles. Here are the roles:

  1. Tank: Tank heroes absorb damage and destroy fortified positions, such as closely grouped enemies and tight choke points. If you are a tank, you are leading the attack.
  2. Damage: Damage heroes seek out, engage, and eliminate enemies with a wide range of tools, abilities, and playstyles. Scary yet fragile, the heroes in this role will need backup to survive.
  3. Support: With support heroes, you will become the backbone of your team’s survival. Heroes in this role empower their allies by healing, protecting, increasing damage, and deactivating enemies.
Overwatch for PC Windows
Overwatch for PC Windows

Overwatch Game Modes

Once Overwatch download for Windows is installed on your computer, you can play the game in many ways. However, starting with the tutorial to learn the fundamentals to play is always a good idea. After that, hit the main menu and try out:

  • Training Range: Visit the training area and experiment with your skills against training bots. This mode can be used to hone your skills or learn new heroes.
  • Play/Practice vs A.I.: This mode can be used to try out different maps and learn how some heroes work. It also allows you to play against AI-controlled opponents on any map of your choice.
  • Quick Play: Compete against other players at your skill level.
  • Arcade: This mode lets you experience matches with unique and seasonal rules, plus weekly prizes.
  • Competitive Play: Compete against other players and increase your ranking.
  • Custom Game: You can change the rules of the game with special modifiers, such as banning heroes and increasing the cost level of Ultimate abilities.

As you play the game Overwatch for Windows, you will earn levels and unlock new customization options to make your hero look and sound unique. Make sure to customize your character in the Hero Gallery which can be accessed from the main menu).|