Hearthstone Deck Tracker
Hearthstone Deck Tracker

Hearthstone Deck Tracker for Windows

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Latest Version Hearthstone Deck Tracker for Windows (Version 1.18.2)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product HearthSim LLC

If you choose Hearthstone Deck Tracker for your Windows, it means you have selected the right one. Some gamers are not familiar with this app. Let us see the following details.

Understanding The App

Compared to LightShot for Windows, it is a standalone utility created from the ground up. It is developed by the open-source community.


The functions are multiple and beneficial, especially for game players. It enables all players to be better players.

However, this game is specifically for the players of online digital collectible Hearthstone card games. It is a popular PC game because of its feature of free-to-play.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker for Windows
Hearthstone Deck Tracker for Windows

Additionally, it has another supporting function. The app is used to be a highly advanced stat tracker. It records the success rates of players’ decks, including arena runs.

In the Hearthstone Deck Tracker tutorial, you can learn various things. From there, you know that the app works well with modern in-game overlay technology.

The Functions

The app serves to deliver numerous features with direct access. So, you can enjoy the benefits in your gameplay session.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker for Windows includes a real-time overlay located on the user’s current deck. Besides, it involves opponent deck and hand tracking too.

Apart from that, Hearthstone Deck Tracker download can be an advanced calculations showcase for fatigue stats in the upcoming draws. Moreover, it can notify you about the opponent’s secret during the match.

It is also beneficial for outside of the match. The app can provide a wide range of traditional tools. So, players can experience their match replays with a full listing.
Besides, they can see the detailed match history. You can choose to upload or share it online. You can select to upload the entire card collection as well.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker install helps you to proceed with the in-depth deck customization. Otherwise, you can get the most optimal configuration for your deck. Use the built-in deck manager to support you.

Enjoy the advantages of a lightweight app. It is also fast and performs intuitive companion applications. Thus, all players can use it without difficulties.

If you are a novice, you should not worry. This program is not only available for accomplished Pro but also for regular players. Beginners can adapt to the app at ease.

The app supports the wealth tools and the features inside. Hence, Hearthstone Deck Tracker free download enables you to optimize your strategy in winning the game.