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Speedtest by Ookla
- 19.6 MB - Freeware
Use Speedtest by Ookla for Android, one-tap connection internet performance and speed test, accurate anywhere. Your Android phone is only as good as the...
Mozilla Firefox
- 58.08 MB - Freeware
Mozilla Firefox APK (2021 Latest) Download for Android | Mozilla Firefox APK 2021 is a classic, totally free web browser that's been around because...
Internet Explorer
- 3.60 MB - Freeware
Internet Explorer (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP | Internet Explorer for Windows 7 32-bit Because the very early ages of the Windows operating...
Utilu IE Collection for Windows
- 55.49 MB - Freeware
If you find a group of Internet Explorer version in one comfortable location, you won’t see it except Utilu IE Collection for Windows. It...
- 14.4 MB - Freeware
Take advantage of Silverlight for Mac. It is a robust development tool for Web and mobile apps. It is helpful to create an engaging...
- 64.53 MB - Freeware
Do you know about Vivaldi for windows? Well, from the Opera creators, a great browser of Vivaldi is very fast. Besides that, it is...
- 66.32 MB - Freeware
When you do your browsing but still in a standard model, you may experience the possibility of privacy leakage. This may happen anytime when...
UC Browser Turbo APK for Android
- 40.51 MB - Freeware
UC Browser Turbo is a minimalist version of this powerful browser with which you can access any webpage in an easy way. It supplies...
Pale Moon
- 31.32 MB - Open Source
The Pale Moon for Windows war on the internet browser is a fierce one with a lot of contenders around today. There are some...
UC Browser
- 48.64 MB - Freeware
UC Browser (2021 Latest) Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 64-bit/32-bit - UC Browser Filehippo , UC Browser 2021 For Windows 32bit, UC Browser 2021...