Chromodo for Windows

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Latest Version Chromodo for Windows (Version 57.0.2987.88)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Comodo Group

When you do your browsing but still in a standard model, you may experience the possibility of privacy leakage. This may happen anytime when you are using a standard type of browser, so you may need to try on Chromodo for windows.

Good Benefits of Using Chromodo for Windows

This is a type of browser which can give you privacy benefits since you can browse privately without any worries due to a hacker’s attack or the trackers read on your information from your latest browser activities. By using a free Chromodo browser, you will get lots of benefits such as a high-security system, rich in features, and you can always use it for free.

Chromodo for Windows


So, if you want to use this browser, you need to go to the web browser with Chromodo based and it can be accessed through Comodo. The first experience of using this browser is about the overall look which comes with a Chrome taste, but it comes with lots of improvements from the security functionality side.

Make sure that you get the Comodo download here, so you can start the new experience of Chromodo for windows. Furthermore, there are several types of features that you can try, such as the scanner which is called a website built-in. This feature can be used when you feel that you need a further investigation about malware by scanning the URL before you access the site.

More Additional Features on Chromodo for Windows

When you are using Chromodo for windows, you may also try to access it from comodo dragon browser since there is a possibility that the Chromodo browser stops working for a while. But you do not need to worry much since you can still get the benefits of this browser since it can do blocking and detecting for the active ad trackers which may be tracking your browsing activities.

You may try to access this browser from the brave browser if you still feel interested in using this browser. Moreover, this browser also has a good default setting since it has higher security protection. Another benefit of this browser is the possibility for all the users to have private browsing.

This is the right time for you to use Chromodo browser by accessing it from the comodo dragon browser since it has a good incognito mode once you set your browser into private. So, there will be no cookies which are automatically saved when you have your browsing activities|