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Google News
- 16.27 MB - Freeware
You need to have Google News APK for Android on your Android device if you love reading the latest news. Google News is a...
YouTube Kids
- 79.20 MB - Freeware
YouTube Kids for Android is a streaming service from YouTube intended for kids. The contents have been selected and filtered well so that they...
Google App
- 179.40 MB - Freeware
Google App for Android, what are the pros and cons? The term Google may refer to so many things. Yes, it is indeed a...
Adobe Flash Player
- 4.49 MB - Freeware
Adobe Flash Player APK for Android is a useful application for Android users. This app is simple for you to use. Besides, it has...
Cisco VPN Client
- 14.7 MB - Freeware
Cisco VPN Client for Mac shares advantages as a leading technology in VPN. It allows you to work at home conveniently as if you...
Yandex Browser
- 1.26 MB - Freeware
Yandex Browser (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP (32-bit/64-bit) | Yandex Browser is to Russia what Google is below in the States-- a native...
Baidu Browser
- 1.38 MB - Freeware
Baidu Browser for Windows was Spark Browser. It is a free website browser that is very quick with the intuitive interface. It also has...
Internet Download Manager IDM
- 85.21 KB - Freeware
IDM Integration Module for Chrome Download for PC Windows 10/8/7/XP | IDM Integration Chrome is a simple add-on to support your browser when you...
- 75.08 MB - Trial
It is always essential for all users to have a high-security system to protect their data, especially for Mac users. Therefore, this is the...
- 71.23 MB - Freeware
Vivaldi APK for Android is a top-notch choice of a mobile browser of today. It is pivotal to choose the appropriate browser before surfing...