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Latest Version Google Play Games for Android (Version 2021.07.28550)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Eclair or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

For Android users, this default app must be familiar enough. Yes, it is Google Play Games for Android. Generally, it is very similar to Google Play Store. However, the collections available there are only games. So, how you who love playing games on your mobile phone, you should not delete this app. At least, you can get some benefits as follows.

Synchronization of the Game Progress

Google Play Games, as an app from Google, can work using a Google account. When your account is connected to this app, it is easier for you to synchronize the progress of your playing. It even works at almost all games available in this app. Sure, make sure that the game also supports the sign-in method to Google Play Games.


This app is very beneficial particularly if you often change your phone. Sure, it means you can continue your game at the level lastly you play on the previous phone. There is nothing change. You only need to sign in to the app.

Sharing Your Achievements

The next benefit of having Google Play Games APK Download is that you can share your achievements to others. This is actually something common to almost all popular games nowadays. If you notice them well, there must be a feature to share achievements via social media.

Aside from achievements such as in what level you are right now, another thing to share is Experience Points or EXP. EXP is given to players one they have done a task. With Google Play Games, sharing those points are getting easier.

Recording Games You Have Installed

This matter often happens. You have uninstalled a particular game and later, you just want to reinstall it. Unfortunately, you forget the name of the game. So, what must you do? Using Google Play Games, you can take a look at the list of games you have installed and uninstalled more easily. Sure, you can just install it once more if you want.

To do that using Google Play Games APK, you can just go to the Library menu. Aside from seeing the list of the games, you can also take a look at achievements you have made. Details of the games and installations are possible to see as well.

Updating Popular and Trending Games

If you want to always be up-to-date with the newest and the most popular games currently, this app must always be on your smartphone. Yes, it provides you the newest updates and information about the latest games. So, are you interested to install Google Play Games for Android.|