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Baidu Browser for Windows

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Free Download ( 1.38 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Baidu Browser for Windows (Version 43.23.1008.106)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Baidu

Baidu Browser for Windows was Spark Browser. It is a free website browser that is very quick with the intuitive interface. It also has useful embedded tools to use. It is based on the chromium platform in which it makes it fast, light, and adjustable for any uses.

Baidu Browser for the personal computer has internal client features, media downloader for saving audio and videos to your computer, mouse navigation, pop-up video plays, and many more. It is very fast, fun, free, and the best one. It is very safe to use online.

Baidu Browser for Windows
Baidu Browser

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Features of Baidu Browser for Windows

Baidu Browser for Windows has some features to reveal. It has some features and highlights.

  • Pop-Up Video Play

It has a pop-up video play. With Baidu Top Internet Browser, you don’t need to trace the tab for finding that you watch. You just click the pop-up button. Baidu Browser is opening a website video on the window.

  • Media Downloader

It has a media downloader. This tool is embedded in this browser. It enables you to download videos and audios easily directly to the computer so that you can save it to your tablet or phone. Then, you can enjoy it freely.

  • Browser Doctor

The next feature of Baidu Browser free Download is browser doctor. The internet is not perfect in which the program is helpful. You can benefit the derived browser doctor that can diagnose quickly and fix your common tracking problems. You don’t spend your time away to find a great solution to handle it. You just benefit from this feature for this browser.

  • Opening an Opened Tab

All people know the frustration because you close the tab. This tool makes your life far easier with the opened tab. It is a special button to open the closed tab. You just click the button to restore the tab that you close.

  • Full Page Screenshots

An image has a value of up to 1.000 words. You can share the tracking images to your friends and family easily to use the full page screenshots of the application. You shouldn’t open the editing program of photos to cut the images. You can use it easily with this Baidu browser.

Drag and Drop It

Do you want to open a particular video or image in another tab? You can use it with Baidu Browser for Windows. You can handle it easily. Just drag and drop it to open those videos and images on your gadgets.