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YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids for Android

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Latest Version YouTube Kids for Android (Version 6.34.3)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Gingerbread or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

YouTube Kids for Android is a streaming service from YouTube intended for kids. The contents have been selected and filtered well so that they are safer to watch them. Mostly, the videos uploaded in this app are music videos for kids, education videos, and more. Even the ads appearing are kids and family-friendly also. Therefore, parents don’t need to worry about their children to watch videos that are for adults.

Interestingly, this app also provides some features to help kids and parents enjoy it more. Here are some features available in YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids for Android
YouTube Kids for Android

Kid Profiles

Kid Profiles is basically a feature that works similarly to the YouTube account for adults. However, this feature is commonly controlled by parents for their children’s extra safety. What the most unique about this feature is that parents can create up to 8 profiles.


All the profiles can consist of different preferences and layouts. Even the recommended videos are different also. You can schedule your children to watch different types of videos using this feature anyway.

Video Reporting

The next feature available in YouTube Kids APK Download is Video Reporting. If you think there is a not relevant video appearing on YouTube Kids, you can directly report it. It doesn’t take too long for YouTube to review and give a response to your report. If the video is indeed not necessary for kids, they must delete it soon.


Some videos may be necessary for kids but it is just you who don’t want your kids to see them. So, what should you do? Since you cannot report them, you can utilize the Blocking feature. Automatically, those videos don’t appear on the recommendation of your kid’s channel.

Search Control

The Search Control feature can be easily activated and inactivated. You can activate it if you allow your children to access more videos after installing YouTube Kids APK. But if you want to control the search results more, just inactivate this feature. With it, you can also determine what videos to watch by them.


Watching YouTube for a long time is not good for children. This is something parents must know no matter how educated the videos they watch. So, if you want to limit and schedule your children’s time in watching YouTube Kids, you can go to the menu and choose “Timer”. Now, your children will not spend too many hours just for YouTube Kids for Android.|