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Google App for Android, what are the pros and cons? The term Google may refer to so many things. Yes, it is indeed a big brand for many apps and products. But sure, you must remember the earliest product from the brand, it is a search engine.

Until now, the Google Search Engine app has still been used by so many people although many competitors are here and there. Even its popularity is currently below its “friend” from the same company, Google Chrome. So, what are some benefits of the Google App so that you should use it more often? Check them out.

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High Speed

As one of the pioneers of search engines, Google App APK Download tries its best to improve its quality. One of them is by making sure that the app has a high speed and accuracy.

Google App for Android
Google App for Android

It needs only a very few seconds to display results once you submit the keyword and press the search button. But sure, to enjoy this benefit, your internet connection must be good also.

More Sophisticated and Relevant Features

Google App has some features that are not only sophisticated and modern but also relevant for users’ daily activities. For example, you can more easily find nearby shops and restaurants. It also provides you schedules for your favorite movies, sports competitions, and more. This way, your daily activities can be much easier and more fun.

Simple Design and Layout

Google App has a simple design and layout. Therefore, it is very easy to use even if you are already in urgent conditions. The default theme is in white. But if you are bored with it you can change the theme into the dark mode. Well, although both themes are simple, they are beautiful and eye-catching.

The Cache Feature

Not many programs including search engines provide the cache feature. The feature gives some benefits particularly in helping you search using Google App faster. It is because the platform tends to be more lightweight. Besides, the results displayed are more accurate as well.

It has a con also

While the app has many benefits and functions to ease you more in searching, it has one main con. Well, the popularity of Google seems to be a boomerang for it. As many people access it every day, many spammers try to display ads on the front page. Of course, it is very disturbing. The searching process using Google App for Android is also sometimes not optimal.|