Among Us
Among Us

Among Us for Windows

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Latest Version Among Us for Windows (Version 2021.3.9)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Innersloth LLC

After learning Google Meet for Android, it is time to focus on Among Us for Windows. For a game lover, you may be familiar with it. Yes, it is a multiplayer game with a feature of innovative 2D.

This game is cooperative gameplay having an environment like science fiction. It challenges the players with some tasks of maintaining the spaceship system and keeping it running well. They must complete it in time to prevent the ship from breaking into pieces.

Among Us for Windows

The challenges are not merely about mechanical things. You will find it out after you play it.
You must save yourself from aliens disguised as other players. These disguised aliens are called an impostor. Be careful with them because they will sabotage and murder you.

Among Us for Windows
Among Us

Although it is almost similar to a survival game, it is a fun game to play. It will place regular players and the impostors like a cat and mouse. Enjoy the unpredictable tactics and switches among players.
Each ship crew has its duties. The regular player does maintenance tasks, reports peculiar findings, takes emergency meetings, and kicks impostors out of the ship.

Meanwhile, the impostor sabotages and kills the regular crew. It has to make other crew members blame each other for sabotage or killing. The impostor has to remain anonymous to do the mission.
It presents you with an advantage that enables cross-play games among crewmembers. With the support of an internet connection, you can play it online from 4 to 10 players. Besides, it presents you with simple visualization.

You will be satisfied with its eye-catching and detailed features. It allows you to have a fun environment, do smart tactics, and be ready for random events. Each of them will surprise every player.

Customize the crew as your preference. Yet, it only limits you with the outfit color and hat design. It is one of the games that become hits for gamers.

Among Us for Windows engages you with cooperative gameplay as well as a survival game. You may experience deception, competition, friendship, and turmoil during the play. The game also lets you have a chat with each other.

Install Among Us Free Download now for your widows. Then, play it with your mates. Enjoy it with fun and excitement.

The game is lightweight and does not take much space on your storage. It only takes 250GB of your storage system. So, you can install and play it any time you prefer.