ActivePresenter for Windows

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Latest Version ActivePresenter for Windows (Version 8.3.2)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 64 or Later
Author / Product Atomi Systems Inc

Although eLearning is not a new thing, it seems that it is getting more popular among people all around the world during the pandemic when people have to do things remotely. Since it is more and more important, you might also get more interested in ActivePresenter for Windows.

What is ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter for Windows is a software of eLearning and screencasting. You can use this software on your Microsoft Windows computer. Nevertheless, you can also use it if you are using a Mac computer.
Any kind of tool you need for recording screens, annotating, editing screencast videos, and creating interactive content for eLearning can be found on this software. This is the software you need to make simulations, demonstrations, and even quizzes. You can make eLearning content easily with it.

ActivePresenter for Windows



Creating eLearning content has never been this easy with ActivePresenter. This software provides you many great features that can help you create the contents much easier and better.

You will love the Smart Capture feature that allows you to capture the screen by simply clicking the mouse or pressing a key. The captured action will be presented as a slide. It can help the audience to follow the detailed explanation to understand the lesson better.

This software also offers Full Motion Recording for recording the screen as a full-motion video. The result will be embedded in a slide so you can edit it further by adding animation effects, voice-over, annotations, and more.

You can simplify the task of creating eLearning content since the microphone will record the audio and system audio while the screen is being recorded. Nevertheless, you can also record narration and voice over separately. You can choose which method can work best for your need.

ActivePresenter for PC

There is also a new feature from the latest update. It has a webcam recording feature. It means that you can do both screen recording and webcam recording at the same time. Yet, you can also record a video from a webcam separately. You can consider the most suitable option for your needs.

Of course, you can edit the video and audio of your eLearning content without having to worry about losing its quality. You can crop, delete, cut, blur, and do other operations for creating the best eLearning content result.

It is great that you can make an ActivePresenter free Download easily for finding so many more great features that can enhance your eLearning content creating further including styling, green-screen effect, video, shapes enhancement, responsive design, and other great features.