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Latest Version Fritzing for Windows (Version 0.9.3b)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product fritzing

In electronics, you certainly have to design prototypes or circuit diagrams. However, usually when designing the circuit diagram many errors occur. To reduce this risk, an application that can assemble it is needed before it is actually put into practice.

One such application is Fritzing. For those of you who are in the electronics world, you must read this explanation about Fritzing for Windows.


What is Fritzing?

Fritzing is an open source software specially designed for people who create electronics projects. This software is free so you can easily do Fritzing free download. By using Fritzing, you will be able to make designs, take samples or tutorials, and others.

Fritzing also provides a community, so if you have problems using the software, you can discuss it with other users. Can be used by students and teachers of electronics, Fritzing has emerged as the best electronic software in its class. Whether it’s for practical or academic purposes, all needs related to electronic design can be done using the Fritzing.
This software is developed with the C++ programming language, and uses the Qt framework. All the code is available on Github where it has been divided into repos like Fritzing-App and Fritzing-Parts.

What are The Available Features?

By doing Fritzing download, you will enjoy many features provided by Fritzing. You can develop virtual test boards, use automated routers (either in automatic mode or in manual mode), and create circuit diagrams. When you create a circuit design, you can provide notes that you can share with other users. In addition, there is also an online project gallery that can be accessed.

Screenshots of Fritzing

Fritzing for windows
Fritzing for windows

Regarding the interface, the first is the protoboard, where this display is in the form of a test board display so you can sketch what you want so that the components can be connected to each other. The second is the schema, where this display uses symbols to indicate connections and components. Then the third is the circuit board, where this display allows you to see how the components are distributed on the PCB, also choose the best position and connection for the electrical components.

Is Fritzing Really Free?

Fritzing download for Windows is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Until now, you can download it for free through the official website. You can do a search on Google with the keyword “Fritzing free download” and the official site for the download link provider will appear.

But at this time, they are also asking for donations that can be chosen which is 8-25 Euros. It aims to be able to help Fritzing developers to continue to develop Fritzing such as fixing bugs and adding features. But don’t worry, you can still download it for free from the repo or Github site.

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Fritzing 32-bit / Version 0.9.3b (Size:179 MB)