Xperia Companion
Xperia Companion

Xperia Companion for Windows

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Latest Version Xperia Companion for Windows (Version
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Sony Electronics

Are you looking for a safe and easy software update for your Xperia device? This Xperia Companion for Windows might become one of the best options to take. You can use this tool to update your software as well as backup your device and restore it.

What Is It?

In short, Xperia Companion free download for Windows is a computer tool specially designed to update your Xperia device in much easier ways and fast. The tool is not only used to update older software but also create backup for your device. Additionally, you can use the tool to restore your computer as well as clearing the content to reset it.

Xperia Companion for Windows
Xperia Companion for Windows

There will be 3 main features that you can enjoy from this Xperia Companion free Download. They are the ability to browse various files on your gadget, conduct program updates, and software repair. The third feature will make it possible for you to perform a clean installation for your Xperia phone after clearing the content.


What Is Offered?

As Xperia Companion Download provides access to a lot of useful tools, it comes with a main layout to allow you to get quick access to them. This includes software updates to enable you to update the firmware on your device. Meanwhile, the software repair feature of the tool will allow you to resolve issues related to bricking simply by reinstalling firmware.

This useful tool also has backup and restore abilities. They will make it possible for you to avoid unexpected data loss.

One of the best things about Xperia Companion is that the tool is easy to operate. Not only that but the speed of the software is not disappointing. Meanwhile, the clean layout of the software allows you to keep a copy of your files on your device easily. In this way, the loss of important data on your PC can be minimized.

To use this Xperia Companion, you only need a proper USB cable. Of course, you also need an Xperia phone or tablets to operate the tool. Once you have connected the USB cable and the device, this Xperia Companion is ready to use.

Other Key Features and Highlights

Some other features and highlights you can find in Xperia Companion for PC are:
• Update system software
• Repair installations of failed software
• Restore and backup files from PC and other devices
• Browse files and file systems of Xperia phone
• Start software automatically once a device is present
• Repair bricked Xperia phones
• Transfer various files between device and PC|