XAMPP for Windows

XAMPP for Windows

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Latest Version XAMPP for Windows (Version 8.0.7)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 64 or Later
Author / Product XAMPP

XAMPP for Windows is a recommended software. It allows you to install Apache distribution easily. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, you can have MySQL, PHP, and Perl on the Apache distribution.

XAMPP is a free software device and becomes an open-source package. This software enables you to install and use it without difficulty.

Understanding XAMPP

This software is essential to help you install Apache HTTP Server. Besides, you can use it for the same tools. You can call it an Apache distribution that contains Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, etc.
Its primary philosophy allows you to have a setup with the easy distribution. It is beneficial a lot for developers, especially for those who access the Apache world.


XAMPP supports developers for the local LAMP installation. It focuses more on the application that is being developed.

This software switches different PHP versions seamlessly. Its features are helpful for application testing. It lets you understand the app migration to the newer PHP version.

Besides, it provides users with demo apps. So, amateur developers can use Apache, Perl, and PHP at ease.

XAMPP for Developers

XAMPP is designed as a complete tool used for dynamic web developers. XAMPP Free Download is free and open-source, mainly for professionals.

However, beginners can also use this app. They can master it after learning about the app. For amateurs, you invest your spare time to understand it.

It has a control panel that is easy and convenient to use. You can on and off Apache services or read activity logs. Its easy interface and additional information are available online.

Getting Started

Using this app for Windows requires you some steps. You can start by downloading the XAMPP program from its website. This website is called Apache Friends.

After that, you can launch the installer. Then, proceed by setting the service systems for Apache and MySQL. This step allows the user to be online and waiting for action.

Yet, this program may have issues working on any Windows platform. One of them is Windows XP SP2. It happens because the firewall starts automatically.

It blocks the essential ports and becomes the barrier for Apache. To solve this, you need to disable the firewall and relaunch it.

Adjusting The Setting

Most XAMPP settings are adjustable. Users can use the configuration files to apply this. You can change the effect too by opening it in TextEdit.

TextEdit is also open-source, a simple text editor as well as a word processor. XAMPP for Windows is ready for developers.|

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