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Free Download ( 203 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Atom for Mac (Version 1.60.0)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Lion or Later
Author / Product Atom Team

Before heading to the meaning of Atom for Mac, first know that Atom itself is a free, open-source text and source code editor for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows with support for plugins written in JavaScript, and embedded Git Controls. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies, and it’s developed by GitHub.

What is Atom for Mac?

Atom for Mac is a modern, approachable, yet hackable text editor to the core. It’s a tool to customize and do just about anything but you can also use it productively without ever touching a configuration file. The application comes pre-installed with four UIs and eight syntax themes in dark and light colors.


How to Download Atom for Mac

If you’re looking for an Atom download for Mac, it’s pretty easy. And yes, you can get it free from Atom’s official page. The app requires a 64-bit processor. Take a look at the following steps:

  1. Visit the official site of Atom.
  2. You’ll get to see the Download button on the first page in yellow color.
  3. Once you click the button, it’ll automatically download.
  4. Wait until the process is finished.
  5. Install and enjoy.

In case you haven’t been convinced enough to get Atom free download, you can see the following reasons to use the Atom text editor.

1. The app is beginner-friendly.
2. It comes with great extensions.
3. Atom supports language and syntax.
4. Users will be helped with easy theming.
5. Flexible workflow.

Features and Highlights

Here are some of the exciting features and highlights of Atom for Mac:
Cross-platform editing: Atom works across operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Built-in package manager: This feature allows users to search and install new packages. Users can also start creating their own from within the app.

Smart autocompletion: Just link its name, this feature can help users write code faster with a smart and flexible autocomplete.

File system browser: This feature allows users to easily browse and open a single file, a whole project, or even multiple projects in one window.

Multiple panes: If you want to split your interface into multiple panes, this feature is perfect for you. The feature is there to compare and edit code across files.

Find and replace: You can use this feature to find, preview, and replace text as you type in a file or across all your projects.