Eclipse SDK for Windows

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Latest Version Eclipse SDK for Windows (Version 4.25)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product The Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse SDK for Windows is the most used Java programming platform that contains a base workspace. It is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment. It provides the platform used for computer programming. It also provides the programming environment for other languages, such as C and C++ via external plugins. Eclipse includes tools designed to provide developers with the freedom of options in multi-vendor, multi-platform, and multi-language environments.

Written in the Java language, Eclipse SDK download for Windows offers frameworks based on plug-in to make it way easier to integrate, create, and utilize software tools. This will help you to save money and time. By collaborating and using core integration technology, producers of tools will be able to utilize platform reuse and focus on core competencies to produce new development technology.

Eclipse for Mac
Eclipse for Mac

Table of Contents


Sub-Projects of Eclipse SDK

  • Plug-In Development Environment (PDE)

The Plugin Development Environment (PDE) project provides a number of editors and views to make it easier to build plug-ins for Eclipse SDK. By using this, you will be able to make your plugin manifest file, determine your plugin runtime and other needed plugins, create extensions on other plugin extension points, link XML schema files with the extension point markup so that extensions can be validated, specify extension points, and many more.
This sub-project makes integrating plugins as a piece of cake and fun.

  • Java Development Tools (JDT)

The Java Development Tools (JDT) project provides the tool plugins for the platform that implements a Java IDE for power users. It supports the development of Java apps, including plugins. This project adds the notion of Java projects and a Java perspective to the platform and a number of editors, views, wizards, code merging, builders, and refactoring tools.

The Java Development Tools lets Eclipse SDK free download to be a development environment for itself. And the plugins of JDT also can be further extended by other tool builders.


The platform defines the set of frameworks and common services that collectively make up integration ware needed to support the use of Eclipse as a component model, RCP or Rich Client Platform, as well as a comprehensive tool integration platform. These frameworks and services cover a standard workbench user interface model, language-independent debug infrastructure, infrastructure for distributed multi-user versioned resource management, a project model for managing resources, and portable native widget toolkit.

If you work as a developer or programmer, Eclipse SDK for Windows is worth to try.

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Eclipse SDK 32-bit / Version 4.9 (Size:232 MB)