Windows 7 Starter Download
Windows 7 Starter

Windows 7 Starter Download

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Latest Version Windows 7 Starter Download (Version ISO Image SP1)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 / Windows 7 64
Author / Product Microsoft Corporation

Even though people use the latest OS today, in the past, Windows 7 Starter was considered as one of the best OS ever created by Microsoft. It has everything that a computer user needs. Starting from a beautiful appearance to the full feature that improves the previous OS performance, this OS has them all. For that reason, if you want to have a nostalgic moment to use this OS, here you can get it.

The Starter Version

Windows 7 was released in various versions, such as Home Basic, Ultimate, Professional, and many more. However, this time, you can get the Windows 7 starter iso. The Starter version is the basic version of this OS series. It doesn’t require high and heavy specifications. If you use the latest computer, it will run smoothly without any problem.

Windows 7 Starter Iso
Windows 7 Starter

Moreover, the one you can get here is the ISO file. You can put it in the external media to create bootable media for an easy installation process. One thing you have to know, the ISO file you can get here is only a trial product. You will need an official product key you can buy from Microsoft to activate it. Without activation, you won’t be able to use various features that this OS has.


Operating System Type

Windows 7 Starter version is available in two different types. You can get the 32 bit, which is the basic version. It is the perfect choice for a computer with 2 GB RAM or lower. As the basic version, you also get fewer features than the other version. However, thanks to that, it has a very lightweight size.

You might also notice that compared to Windows 7 starter 64 bit, the 32-bit version doesn’t have the standard features of Windows OS. For example, you won’t find BitLocker software in it. It also doesn’t have DVD creator software. Plus, you may have to install software for your multimedia playing needs because it doesn’t have Windows Media Center as well.

Free Version

The Windows 7 you get here is free to download. You may have to pay for the product key separately. However, you can use this OS for free until its trial period has ended. At least with that you can enjoy the old Windows OS and see how different it was compared to the latest Windows 10. Get the Windows 7 Starter iso free Download now and try one of the best OS from Microsoft.