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Latest Version Scribus for Windows (Version 1.5.8)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Scribus Team

Scribus for Windows is a recommended option for those of you who are searching for free publishing software. This software makes a great alternative to Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, PagePlus, or others. Scribus can help you to create useful, reliable layout pages without a subscription fee. It can produce high-quality PDFs. Moreover, it also supports graphic PDFs and PDF presentations. Scribus is also supported by the CMYK format that is very much needed in document publishing or printing.

Scribus for Mac
Scribus for Mac

Besides, you can also use this tool to change the colours of designs that use RGB colours to CMYK colours. With Scribus, you can also create logo designs and other vector designs. Then, you can store your final designs in PDF, SVG, or EPS formats. Released for the first time to the public in June 2003, Scribus is ideal for both novice and professional users who want to create interactive and attractive documents for their works, school, or personal projects.

Why Should You Choose Scribus?

  1. The PDF files produced by the tool are RIP-ready. They are continuously tested on both cutting edge printing house equipment and low-budget printers. Scribus is the first software that supports some new generations of Adobe’s PDF specs beyond other commercial software in the market.
  2. Scribus is licensed under the General Public License so that it is 100% free. Since the app is under the General Public License, it is legal and free for use in any setting, including for governmental and commercial organizations.
  3. Whether you are a professional or beginner, you will be able to produce high-quality publications with Scribus download for Windows. As it is said before, this tool is suitable for both novice and professional users.
  4. Scribus comes with an active user mailing. It has professional DTP specialists and team members who frequently answer questions posted on the list.
  5. If you want to learn about it and all its features, you can contact the friendly community around the app that is more than happy to assist you.

Scribus free download is available in 2 versions, which are stable and development. Download the stable version if you want to work with tested software. You can download the development version if you want to test and help to improve the tool. You can opt for installing both versions on your Windows PC to decide which one you like best. So, are you interested in producing a masterpiece with Scribus for Windows?


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