Vivaldi for Android

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Latest Version Vivaldi for Android (Version 4.0.2313.19)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Lollipop or Later
Author / Product Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi APK for Android is a top-notch choice of a mobile browser of today. It is pivotal to choose the appropriate browser before surfing the internet using Android or other mobile devices. The main reason for that is that desktop browsers and mobile browsers need to deal with different environments and circumstances. Thus, it is reasonable that there are many browsers available. Multiple reasons underline the advantages of installing and using Vivaldi on any device of Android.

Fast Browser with Ads Blocker and Trackers Protection

The combination of problems when browsing on an Android device is a slow speed and too many ads. They can be annoying in the end. That will not be happening when using Vivaldi. It comes with a set of built-in ad blocker and trackers. They are in the app without additional extensions to add. The Speed Dials feature of the app stores bookmarks for quick access to them. Moreover, the Search Engine Nicknames let users type only a letter to go to their favorite engines.

Vivaldi APK for Android
Vivaldi APK for Android

Private and Secure Browsing

Security and privacy when browsing the internet are pivotal that Vivaldi for Android guarantees. That is possible because Vivaldi does not track and record anything that users do when using the app. There is also the handy incognito tab to incorporate that will not leave any browsing history after each session. There is a WebRTC leak protection feature that runs when closing the browser. It automatically clears the browsing data in it. It prevents any information from staying in the app.


More Tools to Incorporate

More features come along with this handy browsing app. The Page Actions are available to adjust filters on any webpage. It tailors the content to show according to the preferences of the users. There is a screen capture feature in the app to catch whatever there is on a page immediately. Sharing the images is also possible to do instantly. There is the Notes feature to help users record things when browsing a bunch of web pages.

Vivaldi for Android is a cross-platform application that allows secure and fast synchronization between devices. There will not be too much time to set the app on other platforms after installing it from the Vivaldi APK download. After the synch, the app will be the same as it is on another device. The latest version of this app is latest version. It is available for free to download in the official Google Play Store for Android.|