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Latest Version UnRarX for Mac (Version 2.2)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Leopard or Later
Author / Product Unrar

Is it important to download and install UnRarX for Mac? Achieving files is a common thing after creating and collecting documents and more. This way, you can save and send them much more. You don’t need to upload those files one by one as they have been in one particular place.

The same thing is when you want to unzip them. If your device uses the Mac operating system, you may need a program to ease you to do it. One of the options is UnRarX Mac. Here are some reasons why this software is worth having.

UnRarX for Mac
UnRarX for Mac

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Compatible with Archived Files from Windows

Originally, RAR or archived files are from Windows. That’s why the users of other operating systems including Mac often find it difficult to unzip files. Indeed, currently, Mac already has its own archiving program but in some versions, it doesn’t work to unzip files made by Windows.

UnRarX Mac is designed to unzip archived files no matter from where it comes from. In other words, it is compatible with archived files from Windows also. Of course, it makes your job much more.

Deleting Error Files in Mac

If you are trying to open zipped files using the default program from Mac, an error message may be received. It is to explain to you that the file you receive cannot be identified. Later, the file may be damaged and you cannot open it.

You should do UnRarX free download to solve this problem. This program has a feature to select zipped files if they can be opened on Mac using its default software or not. Therefore, you can minimize the risk of damaged files because opening them wrongly.

Of course, to make it much safer, you can set the program to be the default unzipped software from the beginning. But you should know also that UnRarX is specifically for opening zipper folders or files. It doesn’t compress the files automatically when unzipping them.

Lightweight and User-Friendly Interface

The program is lightweight. You don’t need to remain in too much space to let it be installed well. Besides, the interface is user-friendly and understandable. Important tools particularly to unzip files have been provided on the upper row to ease your job even more.

UnRarX is also equipped with a malware detector tool. It automatically detects threats coming from files you want to unzip. Therefore, it simply protects the device of your software completely. So, are you interested to have this program? Download UnRarX Free here.|