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Beyond Compare for Windows

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Latest Version Beyond Compare for Windows (V 4.4.6 Build 27483)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Beyond Compare

You may compare your files and directories fast and effortlessly using Beyond Compare for Windows. You may concentrate on the distinctions you’re interested in and disregard those you’re not by employing short, effective instructions.

Beyond Compare May Compare Folder and File

By only comparing sizes and modification dates, you may quickly compare whole disks and folders. Alternately, do in-depth byte-by-byte comparisons on each file. Powerful filters let you restrict what you view to simply the content you’re interested in, FTP sites, cloud storage, and zip files are all integrated.


Beyond Compare may intelligently decide how to compare and present particular files that you are interested in finding. With syntax highlighting as well as comparison rules customized especially for source code, documents, source code, and HTML text files may be read and changed.

Beyond Compare for Windows
Beyond Compare for Windows

Beyond Compare download for Windows is also possible to compare but not alter the text included in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word.doc files. You can always see the changes since specific viewers are available for data files, binary data, executables, and pictures.

Beyond Compare’s Tri-Way Merge

You may mix edits from two different versions of such a folder or a file into a single output using Beyond Compare merge view. Its clever methodology enables you to rapidly accept the majority of modifications while meticulously studying disagreements.

You may quickly and easily accept, reject, as well as combine changes thanks to color coding and section highlighting. Its built-in syntax-highlighting editor allows you to alter any line in the output while merging files.

You may accept numerous changes without having to see them by using the app Compare’s robust file type compatibility and ability to prioritize edits from one file. As an addition, Beyond Compare free download for any versions of Windows OS. So, you don’t need to worry about paying to install this software.

Folder synchronization

You may automatically reconcile discrepancies in your data using the application of Beyond Compare user-friendly Folder Sync interface. The program Compare will take care of all the specifics so you can effectively backup your PC, upgrade your laptop, or even maintain your website.

Using the same interface, you may copy to and from FTP servers, drives, and zip files. The backup may be as quick or as robust as you want since anything you do not wish to be impacted can be simply filtered out, while all of the strong comparison tools are accessible.