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Google Drive for Windows

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Latest Version Google Drive for Windows (Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

Google Drive for Windows is a place to make, share files, collaboration, and save all your goods. It works well with your friends in a mutual research project. It is to plan a wedding with your fiancĂ©e or track your roommate’s budget. You can conduct it in your Drive. You can upload and access all your files including videos, photos, PDFs, Google, etc. You can reveal some information details of Google Drive.

What Is Google Drive for Windows?

This application is a part of Google Workspace. It is a business cloud application and collaboration tool. It is free for 14 first days. Google Drive for the desktop will combine the best features and most used from Drive File Stream, backup, and synchronization. It creates a reliable and integrated synchronization for all people using Google Drive. You can use it for both personal and business purposes. You can start with 15GB free. You can get access to the files anywhere through Secure Cloud Storage and file backups for photos, videos, files, etc with Google Drive download for Windows. You can download it for a personal computer from the website by clicking a free download button.
The Things about Google Drive for Windows

Google Drive for Windows
Google Drive for Windows

You can use Google Drive for Windows.


You can upload and save files from anywhere on your computer, camera, and SD card on the cloud. You can find your content on your phone, tablet, or computer. When you use Google Drive, you can track your photos and videos on Google Photos.

Saving Any Files

Google Drive gives you free online Google storage of up to 15GB so that you can save photos, stories, designs, video recordings, and images. Your files on Google Drive can be accessed by smartphones, computers, or tablets. Wherever you go, your files will follow you. You can open it easily when you need it.

Sharing Files and Folders

You can invite others quickly to see, download, and collaborate with all your files. You do not require an email attachment. This application integrates smoothly with documents, slides, spreadsheets, and cloud-based applications collaborating effectively in real-time. You can make and share content with your team without emigrating from the existing tools.
Google Drive is integrated and completes your existing team technology. It collaborates with Microsoft Office files without converting file formats and editing extra files. Google Drive free download has advanced tracking offering speed, performance, and unbeatable reliability.