PureRef for Windows

PureRef for Windows

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Latest Version PureRef for Windows (Version 1.11.1)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Idyllic Pixel

What is PureRef for Windows? PureRef is a photo manager program for Windows that enables users to collect images made by themselves or online. Sightly, it looks similar to other image editors. However, the developer makes it easier than them as you can simply drag the images whether from the library or the search results of the browser. Besides, there are some benefits and features to get if you choose to use PureRef as follows.

PureRef for Windows
PureRef for Windows

More Working Spaces

If usually, there is only a space to work or edit photos on the photo manager, PureRef provides more. So, you can open some spaces at once to edit different images.


Interestingly, you can save all of them if you have done them yet. This makes your jobs more effective, efficient, and time-saving. Moreover, it is if your job requires you to edit them at the same time and combine those images at once.

Keep the Original

The next feature provided by PureRef download for Windows is that you can still keep the original images. There is no need to save it manually since the app has saved it and keeps the image in its original folder. Anytime you need to reuse it, it is just available.

Simple Interface

There is no need to be an experienced and professional photo editor just to use PureRef. While the app is indeed recommended for the expert to finish their jobs, it is for beginners and amateurs also. Photo management is very easy to use. It is designed to enable you to operate it only by seeing it once. The interface is simple and you can explore it as you want to beautify your images more. In addition, the drag and drop feature can just make your works more fun.

Portable App

If you think you need to download and install it multiple times just to have the app on some devices, you are wrong. PureRef is a kind of portable app that enables you to copy it on other devices. So, you can just download it once and install it on your PC. Next time, to install it on other devices, just copy and paste it.

It is free

This is the most important thing to know; the app is free. That’s why it is called PureRef free download. You don’t need to pay at all just to get this premium app. Besides, there is no locked feature at all. So, just enjoy it.

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PureRef 64-bit /Size:9.45 MB