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PureRef for Mac

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Latest Version PureRef for Mac (Version 1.11.1)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Sierra or Later
Author / Product Idyllic Pixel

For many photo editors available out there, why is PureRef for Mac recommended? Well, there must be some reasons. Undeniably, if you are looking for a free app that can do many things, this one is a good choice. There are many features inside to improve the images more. Besides, the program is also very easy to use for beginners. Some more things are offered by this app as follows.

Drag and drop feature

If you want to edit your photos faster, it seems that the drag and down feature is a good thing for you. It enables you to access the device’s library or browser easily and then drag and drop pictures from them. Even the sources are automatically saved so that you don’t need to be back to the top often. Of course, it just makes your job much easier.

PureRef for Windows
PureRef for Windows

Multiple Spaces to Work

Commonly, a photo editor only provides one space or one desk to work. This way, you can just edit one photo and cannot touch the others. PureRef download for Mac is more special as it gives you unlimited spaces to open at once. So, at the same time, you can open and edit some photos. If your job requires you to combine those photos in the end, the process is faster and easier.


Minimalist Interface

If you really focus on your jobs, a minimalist interface must be your favorite. The layout of the app will not distract you or make you confused. The app is indeed designed to ease beginners. So, even if you don’t have any experience in editing at all, you can go for it without no difficulties. But of course, in terms of quality, the app is also recommended for professional ones.


No matter how great an app is, it can be a burden if the size is too big. Yes, a big file can cause problems starting from using up the storage too much to causing lags. Therefore, if there is an app that is lightweight but still good in quality, don’t be doubtful. Just install it. PureRef is one of them anyway.


PureRef free download is not only free. But it is also easy to copy and install anywhere. So, if you want it to be installed on some devices, you don’t need to download it multiple times and install it. Just do it once and copy it to them. Next, enjoy editing photos on any device you want.|