Oracle VM VirtualBox
Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac

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Free Download ( 119 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac (Version 6.1.32 Build 149290)
Operating System Mac OS
Requirements OSX Leopard or Later
Author / Product Oracle

Do you want to run systems on Mac? You can download Oracle VM VirtualBox download for Mac. It is a recommended application for identifying the systems in Mac and computers. These are some things about it.

What is Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac?

Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac is one of the suggested software types for your Mac. It is the most popular crossing virtualization software in the world. It enables you to run some operating systems in Mac, Personal computers, Linux, and Oracle Solaris. It is a complete virtualizer that is versatile for the hardware.

Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac
Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac

It is targeting the use of a server, desktop, and the derived tools. It is a rich product with high features and high performance for the company’s customers. It is a professional solution for the opened software.

Features of Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac

There will be some features of Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac that you can know. It exposes the interface of virtualization for facilitating software execution accurately and efficiently.

  • Working Effectively

After the virtual engine platform, the application increases operating system performance benefiting the virtualization support. An operating system can recognize 3.0 USB and operate at a full speed of 3.0. You can configure it to use USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0.

  • Dragging

You can start the application to increase the support drag and two direction drop between an operating system and host. The support of dragging and releasing is available for the latest application that you install.

  • Disk Image Encryption

This software enables you to create an encrypted virtual image by benefiting from the AES algorithm in XTS mode. It is caused that DEK is saved to be a part of configuration files in a virtual engine. The encryption introduces a safety feature asking passwords when you start to use this virtual engine. It means that you can use it quickly and effectively.

  • Removable Options

It supports a virtual engine with a separated front end process background. It can be closed when the virtual engine keeps working.

How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox download for Mac

If you want to get Oracle VM VirtualBox free download, you can search the trusted link to download. Then, click it and download it. After that, you install it on your Mac. Run it and pair it to Mac. You can use it for Mac. These are some things about this software to install on your personal computer. You can trust it for identifying some operating systems in Mac.|