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Latest Version Movavi Photo Editor for Windows 6.7.0
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product Movavi

Movavi Photo Editor (2020 Latest) Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 | Editing Photos More Easily and Instantly with Movavi Photo Editor for Windows

For Windows, there are undeniably so many photo editor programs. all of them may look promising but if they are difficult to use, of course, it will be a problem. Movavi Photo Editor for Windows is one of those programs that are designed to be easily used even by beginners in this area.

The app provides you all features and components to beautify and add the aesthetic sides of pictures. Interestingly, to edit all the points inside, they can be done instantly with some buttons available. You don’t need to take a course or something to be an expert in editing. So, here are some features available in Movavi Photo Editor.


Item Removal

This problem is often experienced by people and camera users. When the main object has been beautifully captured, there is an unnecessary one that is included. Removing it only may be difficult using other photo editors. With Movavi, it is done more easily and the result is very satisfying.

Adding Tones to Your Photos

Some situations just make photos you take look gloomy and uninteresting. For example, it is when the environment around is cloudy. Unfortunately, it just makes the entire image look not good. One of the features available is to add tones to your photos. Colors and brightness can be enriched and set up to make them livelier.

Movavi Photo Editor, Cool Filters

There are some filters that are used only to brighten up or down the environment. Besides, other popular filters are to make your face look better when doing selfies. Sure, Movavi has provided all of them. But it also gives you more.

For you the lovers of classic or vintage photography, editing photos is getting more interesting with some filters. For example, they are Sepia or Black and White filters. You can add some touches here and there to make those photos look more classical. It is very easy to use with great results.

Cropping and Attaching More Easily

Cropping photos by following the curves of the objects is problematic sometimes. Despite it is not something easy to do; the result is commonly also not neat at all. Moreover, it is if the cropping activity is just your first experience.

Here are some screenshots and Features of Movavi Photo Editor

Here are some Screenshots and Features #01

Movavi Photo Editor for Windows

Here are some Screenshots and Features #02Movavi Photo Editor for Windows

Here are some Screenshots and Features #03Movavi Photo Editor for Windows

With Movavi Photo Editor for Windows, cropping and attaching one object to another can be done instantly. You can use some tools available to make the result look smooth and real. Not only is it for photos but this photo editor is great also to make other things like wallpapers and greeting cards.

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