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KingRoot PC for Windows

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Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product KingRoot Team

KingRoot PC for Windows is a program enabling you to do root on your android devices by connecting it to the computer through USB. Though the program interfaces in Chinese, you don’t need to learn the language while using it.

Simple Rooting Process

The rooting process of your android devices with KingRoot PC is very simple. You can do some following steps on activating it. Firstly, you activate a mode of USB debug where you can find the bottom of a developer option. Then, you can connect it to your personal computer through a USB. You can press a big blue button on the interface program. Your device will root in some seconds only. You must remember that KingRoot PC may not identify a particular android device because it doesn’t support all models. Regardless of this reality, it is a useful and friendly user program that you can have on your android.

KingRoot PC for Windows
KingRoot PC for Windows

Functions of KingRoot for PC

You can install KingRoot free download to get the amazing performance of this application. It is a deserve program to do root on your working device well. Root means that you open an android and you become the rights holder to improve the android’s performance. There will be some functions of this application for your android.

  • Super User Rights

By using KingRoot, you will get a special right on your android. You will do a root with superuser rights. It means that you can fix and improve your android performance easily.

  • Deactivate Useless Application

Then, when you use KingRoot, you can delete or deactivate useless applications on your android. You can deactivate it famously known to be Bloatware installed from manufacture.

  • Returning the Android Performance

You can also install an application requiring root rights easily with this application. The main function of KingRoot is to return android’s performance without the loading programs though the differences are not seen clearly. It means that you can select the desired application on your android. At an early stage after rooting, your old android is unable to update an operating system. You can update it with an alternative operating system such as OS Lineage or OS Cyanogen.

To do a root process for android with KingRoot, you require some stages. You should install this software from the official website. You can download it in an android version from King App. KingRoot for Windows requires a USB cable and computer to open root before connecting to android. It is working automatically. After installing this application, you can connect androids to your computer and activate a program of KingRoot.|