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Latest Version Jpegcrop for Windows 2019.11
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Guido Vollbeding

Jpegcrop (2021 Latest) Download for Windows 10/8/7/XP | There are a lot of images editing software out there with a bunch of offered features. Unfortunately, most of the free software will only provide a low resolution for the edited images. One recommended image editing free software is JPEGCROP that promises plenty of features out of it.

The one thing that stands out from this software is the ability to retain the original quality and resolution of the images being edited. Thus there is no need to be afraid of the risk in getting poorer images once they have been edited using this software. That is a good thing for software that can be downloaded easily and for free.

Processing JPEG images by making upside-down rotation, left or right inversion, trimming, 90-degree rotation, 180-degree rotation, correction, and other things can easily be done using this application. There is a dedicated button in this software to do any kind of editing and processing of JPEG images.


The secret of this application to maintain the original state of JPEG images is an image clipping module. It allows a large image to be cut into some pieces in certain sizes for the need for printing. That way it eventually eliminates possible data that could cause quality loss during image processing.

It sounds like a complicated thing in terms of the way JPEGCROP handles images. Yet, it is very simple and easy to do that once doing it in just a click away to get the processed or edited results. Despite the capability to do a lot of things, it uses very minimal resources of the devices’ system.

This application is perfect for those who always need to do a bit of simple editing and processing of JPEG images. It will be a waste of resources for the system to use high-end images editing software just to do simple tasks. It is even capable of working with several images at once at ease.

Moreover, a comfortable user interface is another decent feature of this free software for Windows. It is perfect for anyone that deals with blogs or websites to always have the right images to use. The processed images will fit blogs and websites without any possible loss of quality.

Here are some screenshots and features of Jpegcrop

Jpegcrop for Windows Jpegcrop : PrintJpegcrop for Windows Jpegcrop : About Jpegcrop for Windows

In the end, JPEGCROP is a decent image processing and editing software that comes with simple but needed features for many Windows users. It is very light and free that unquestionably adds to the popularity of it.