iMazing for Windows

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Free Download ( 134.3 MB ) Fast & Secure
Latest Version iMazing for Windows (Version 2.15.8)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product DigiDNA

If you are looking for a reliable data transfer tool for Apple products, you can use iMazing for Windows. As we know, Apple’s environment is very exclusive and users can only use Apple developed software to transfer data.

Unfortunately, we also know that iTunes, the only way to transfer data from iPhone to computer, is not very reliable. As a matter of fact, users can no longer use this software to transfer data to Mac. It is a sign that even Apple has a plan to ditch iTunes.
Thankfully, iMazing steps up and takes iTunes’ position. You can look for an iMazing download for Windows if you want to have great software that you can use to backup and transfer data.

iMazing for Windows
iMazing for Windows

Reliable Data Transfer and Backup

Whether you want to transfer or backup data, you can rely on iMazing. You also have the option to restore the data on any device. The best thing about this software is you don’t have to use or login into iTunes to transfer or backup. You can leave the hassle of iTunes and just use iMazing to take care of your data.


File Transfer to Mac and PC

No matter what brand or operating system your PC use, iMazing for Windows can cater your needs. This is certainly a positive side compared to the other data transfer software for Apple in the market. You don’t need to use different software for different operating system since this one can do all the job.

Move Data to new iPhone

Want to buy a new iPhone but hate the hassle of transferring the data from your old phone to the new one? Well, there is no need to worry if you have iMazing on your side. You can transfer your data and device settings to a new phone with only several simple clicks.

The great news is, this software is very easy to use so you can operate it yourself. There is no need to take your phone to the service centre for this. Go install iMazing free download Windows to get this great feature.

Final Words

Many iPhone users are not satisfied with iTunes’ feature. It is simply too limited; the users feel confined and there are simply so many things they can’t do with iTunes. Thankfully, iMazing is here to offer what iTunes can’t.

This software is not free, but you pay for quality and convenience. So, it is a good bargain. iMazing for Windows is a good tool for any Apple product users that want a more reliable data transfer tool.