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Google Play Music for Android

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Latest Version Google Play Music for Android (Version 8.28.8916-1.V)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Eclair or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

Google Play Music for Android is a music streaming platform developed by Google. Before having many competitors like now, it was once the best music player for smartphones. Sure, you can do so many things with it aside from streaming your favorite songs and music. If there have been songs locally on your device, you can play it easily also.

This platform also provides many other functions and features that should not be forgotten. From those many features, here are the best ones.

Google Play Music for Android
Google Play Music for Android

Uploading Music

If you install Google Play Music APK Download, one of the activities you can do is uploading music. It is by using the Music Collection feature. So, if you have songs that have not been available in the software yet, you can upload them yourself. Mainly if you are a musician, sure, it is a good step so that your music can be listened to by others.


Getting Your Own Radio Channel

Next, you can get and have your private radio channel. Yes, this platform enables you to create and access radio you may have dreamt for a long time.

How to do it? It is very easy anyway. You only need to use the Podcast feature available in the app. Next, upload your favorite songs, music, or other types of audio files. While enjoying music, you can act like a radio host. Make sure to talk with other radio owners to share anything, particularly about music.

Save More Internet Data Package

One of the problems often complained by users when streaming music is that their internet data are used up too fast. Of course, it means spending more money also. But with Google Play Music APK, this problem may not be experienced. Yes, the next benefit of using this app is its efficiency in using up your internet data.

Accessing Free Videos from YouTube

Google Play Music is not only for listening to audio files. You can use it for music video streaming taken from YouTube. Interestingly, it is for free. Yes, this platform has paid fully to the YouTube site so that its users can access and enjoy music from the platform. To do that, log in to YouTube Red using your Google Play Music account.

Offline Mode

Lastly, you don’t always need to stream or listen to music online with this app. If you have collected your favorite music on your smartphone, just listen to it anytime you want. Of course, it is free and without spending internet data. So, are you interested to have Google Play Music for Android on your smartphone?|