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Latest Version Google Maps for Android (Version 10.81.2)
Operating System Android
Requirements Android Gingerbread or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

If you are needing to find the location or place, no worries you can use the Google Maps for Android. The pre-download google maps in your handphone, will help you to reach that place you do not know. Google Maps is a useful navigation tool when you explore unfamiliar place or cities.

Google Maps can be accessed online or offline. So, when there is a bad signal, you can still reach the specific place.

Google maps for android is available to download on Play Store. All the features and GPS are helping you to do not get lost anywhere. It is not only for the city but also the world. As with the other application, you have to connect to the Internet to download maps. GPS has the function of telling your position on the map as you move.

Google Maps for Android
Google Maps for Android

Do you know how much information and maps are on Google maps application? Google maps are completed with information and maps of up to 200 countries. However, you also can get public transportation information and other detailed information.

The advantages of Google maps have many options to plat shortest route. It would be avoided you in late to reach location or traffic jam. Google maps are the main app for android users that love to travel around the world.

Google maps APK have downloaded out of over 22 million users. Now, it has the latest version of google maps for android, 10.80.01. If you want to download another APP as Google maps, you need to use Waze APP for Android.

How to download Google maps offline?

As mention before, the Google maps will be accessed when you are in a bad signal. Google maps for android give the segments of maps without internet connection. How to get the Google maps offline?

1. To get the feature, in the menu of left pull-out and will show the offline maps. You save and explore the location for easy access later.
2. Clicking the icon plus to crop the section map
you not only save the additional information maps but also all the information stored by Google places such as information transport route, place, etc.

Could the Google maps consult the location history of the user?

The latest version Google maps for android, 10.80.01 could make you consult with your location history. It means, google always save your search, browsing and also location history. Now, you can consult the information by using Google photo or event on Google.

Surprisingly, you can change it into a scrapbook of life. The Google maps crisscrossed all the stores to show a daily timeline photo that you took in the location. It even gives you the date and mode of transportation you use.

You can see this by clicking the account story and choosing the place you go. It will display the animation off all your movements to get to the place. So, you need Google Maps APK Download and cannot life without it for travelling.|