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Google Earth for Android is one of the tools you can use for exploring the world. The newest version gives you an experience of using the tool through the PC but better. The app also allows users to check out Google Maps and access its data when needed.

It means that the latest mapping data is accessible through Google Earth. The version was initially released on Android first. It is due to the minimal data on the mobile version of Google Earth than the desktop version.

This article will try to highlight what you will get from the latest version of Google Earth for Android mobile. Keep in mind that the aspect ratio of each smartphone is different; it makes a different look on each device, after all.

Google Earth for Android
Google Earth

New effects

The new version of Google Earth on Android comes up with a better rendering effect for the atmosphere. This one looks similar to what you see on the desktop version. While it gives a realistic vibe, having an option to turn it off would be amazing.

Other than that, the atmospheric effect blurs the important map data instead. In the physical world, the atmosphere can be more transparent or hazier, depending on current weather.

New 3D model

If you try Google Earth APK download, you will get the latest version of the Earth 3D model on your screen. This one is such a good improvement, after all.

Zooming in the poles is also more satisfying now. In the previous version, the south pole looked like a strange white spot. You also saw many rays shooting when you zoomed in.

The current version makes the poles look a lot more pleasing. If you haven’t downloaded this app, you can try free Google Earth for Android from Google Play store.

Google Earth APK for Android
Google Earth


The current Google Earth version for Android devices comes with lots of enhancements and improvements. One of the most prominent upgrades is its new geometric 3D model of Earth, which is excellent.

KML supports are also better in the current version of this app. However, the option of turning on/off the mapping layers gets more limited than the previous version. But we believe that Google will constantly improve its technology and features.

Even though the Android version seems fantastic, we enjoy viewing the app from a bigger screen after all. And this is anything you need to know about Google Earth for Android.