Google Contacts APK
Google Contacts APK

Google Contacts APK for Android

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Operating System Android
Requirements Android Jelly Bean or Later
Author / Product Google LLC

Slightly, Google Contacts for Android is not different from the default contact app on your smartphone. Generally, both indeed have the same functions. However, Google Contacts is more versatile. Yes, this online address book is integrated into other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and many more.

Besides, utilizing this app on your Android smartphone also provides you some other benefits. What are they?

Google Contacts APK for Android
Google Contacts APK for Android

Sending an Email to Many Recipients More Easily

Sometimes, you may need to send the same email to many recipients at once. However, tapping many contacts one by one is tiring enough. Moreover, it is if you don’t want to send the email to all contacts on your device. With Google Contacts, you can create a group of contact members. Sure, this feature makes sending emails more efficient and practical.


Synchronizing All Contacts

When you change your phone, there is a problem often experienced. Not all the contacts are moved to the new phone. This happens because you only save contacts on the phone or SIM Card. Then, you must move those contacts manually so that you can communicate with them.

With Google Contacts APK Download, you don’t need to do such actions. Make sure that all the contacts have been saved there. Then, the app automatically synchronizes them. When you have a new device, you can get all the contacts once you log in using your Google account. It is also possible to contact other devices.

Easier to Find Google Accounts of Your Friends

How if you need to send an email to a friend while you don’t know his or her email address? Well, if your friend uses Gmail, it is possible to find the email address by using Google Contacts APK for Android. However, you must already know other information details about this friend. Besides, the email he or she has should be Gmail also.

Easy to Use and Manage

Google seems to try its best to make its apps friendly enough for the users. It includes Google Contact. Therefore, it is not surprising if Google Contacts is very easy to use. Generally, it works just like other phone contact programs. The difference is that it can be simply synchronized once there is an internet connection.

You can also manage the program easily. For example, it is if you want to add contacts, delete them, link some contacts under one name, and more. So, make sure to install Google Contacts for Android on your smartphone.|