DroidCam Client
DroidCam Client

DroidCam Client for Windows

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Latest Version DroidCam Client for Windows (Version 6.4.3)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows 7 32 or Later
Author / Product DEV47APPS

If you have a Smartphone, you don’t have to buy a webcam to do a video call through your PC. You only need to install DroidCam Client for Windows. This application will turn your Smartphone into a webcam. Then, you can connect it to your PC through a wireless connection or USB cable to use it as a webcam. Furthermore, this application also has many features.

Wireless Feature

You can find other apps that also can turn your Smartphone into a webcam. However, DroidCam Client maybe is the only one that allows you to connect both devices wirelessly. You only need a PC app that can detect the webcam. Once you have that, you can use your Smartphone as a Wireless webcam.

High Definition Resolution

This app allows you to maintain the best resolution during video calls through various apps on your PC, such as Skype. It can display a smooth video call with a resolution of up to 720p. Of course, you must use a stable and fast internet connection to get smooth video quality.

DroidCam Client Windows
DroidCam Client

Various Settings

DroidCam Client for Windows also has various tools you can use to optimize your video call session. It is including sound settings and several video effects, such as brightness, contrast, zoom, rotation, and many more. However, your device specification must be high enough to display the maximum setting result.

Connection Options

You can connect your Smartphone through three methods. The first one is using the USB cable. It is only for a PC that doesn’t have a device for wireless connection. The other method is using the LAN or Wi-Fi wireless connection. It is easier and convenient.

The third method is using the internet. You can use the 3G/LTE network to do this. However, this method is only available for DroidCamX. If you don’t have it, you can still use the first two methods. They are enough for the best video call experience.

Apps that You Need

To use this software, you need to get the DroidCam Client download installation file and install it on your PC. However, to make it work, you also need the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app for your Smartphone. You can find this app on the Devs47Apps page, which is the developer that created the DroidCam Client software.


Now, you can get the webcam for video call purposes easier. You don’t have to spend money. With a Smartphone and PC, you can get everything that you need for a video call. So, get the DroidCam Client for PC now.