Camera for Windows

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Latest Version Camera for Windows (Latest)
Operating System Windows
Requirements Windows XP 32 or Later
Author / Product Google Inc

If you are looking for an application to snap a picture from the desktop of your computer, you can take a look at Google Camera for Windows. Camera does not only facilitate you to screen shoot pictures but also to record a video. This multimedia app is offered by Google; and it is free to download and access.

As Camera is a Google Chrome extension, you will be easy to install it on your device. However, it is such a basic application that works like a built-in camera for computers with Windows operation system. It has limited features. So, this app cannot facilitate you to use mirror effect when you are recording a video.

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Why should you choose Camera for Windows?

Camera is easy to set up on your device. You just need to browse Google Chrome Extension store for Camera free download. You just simply click the “install” button to get it. Make sure that you have checked the security extension before installing.

Once you get it installed, you can directly launch this Camera app from Google Chrome browser. You also need to allow Chrome browser to access your webcam because Camera will work for built-in and plugin camera.

If the microphone of your device has not been connected to Camera yet, you can find a blocked microphone icon on the upper screen of the browser. Then, click the microphone icon and choose “allow” option. Now, you can directly use your Camera app to screen shoot pictures or record some videos.

What aspects to reconsider related to Camera?

As a free application, Camera has several aspects to reconsider if you expect premium facilities. The first is no touch up features. As you cannot touch up any pictures you capture, you can employ other installed apps for photo or video editing.

However, you can still enjoy the mirror button feature on Camera. It lets you flip the screen of the snapped pictures. Moreover, apply a grid is also accessible with Camera so that you can get more appropriate angle with the ration 3×3, 4×4, and/ or Golden Ratio to capture along with timer of 3 or 10 seconds.

Google Camera download is basically applicable in use. However, if you need more features to work on similar but more advanced app, you can try ManyCam or iVCam. These apps may provide you with more complete features in snapping and recording videos from desktop screen.|